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Buying Made Easy With Our Meat Slicer Reviews

Meat SlicerOwning a meat slicer might seem like a luxury, but it is also a useful home appliance that can make kitchen chores fast and nearly effortless. You’ll pay a premium price for sliced meat at the grocery store, so you’ll save a lot of money over time as well if you have sliced meat as a common part of your diet. What’s the fastest way to find the best product that combines quality and affordability for you today? Through our meat slicer reviews!

The Best Chart For Meat Slicers

To compare and contrast different makes and models of meat slicers is the easiest way to select the best appliance. That’s what the chart will help you do below!

PictureNameThinnest CutThickest CutPriceOur Rating
Chef's Choice 615 Premium Electric Food SlicerDeli Thin3/4"$$$4.5
Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food SlicerDeli Thin3/4"$$$4.4
Chef's Choice 609 Premium Electric Food SlicerDeli Thin1"$$4.3
Chef's Choice 667 International Professional Electric Food SlicerDeli Thin3/5"$$$$$+3.8
Chef's Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food SlicerDeli Thin3/5"$$$$$4.4
Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli SlicerDeli Thin1/2"$$4.0
Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch SlicerDeli Thin1/2"$$3.6
Best Choice Commercial Deli Meat & Cheese Food SlicerDeli Thin3/5"$$$$4.2
MaxiMatic Elite Gourmet Electric Food SlicerDeli Thin1/2"$3.7
Presto Meat SlicerDeli Thin2/5"$$$$$+3.9
PictureNameMin CutMax CutPriceOur Rating

What Is a Meat Slicer?

Instead of using an electric knife or a butcher knife to cut through meat, a meat slicer makes this task a simple chore to complete. It sits securely on your counter and has a saw-like slicing mechanism that makes fast work of a chunk of deli meat, a roast you’ve just cooked, or that chicken breast you’ve pan roasted. You can create thin or thick slices of virtually any meat – just make sure you keep your fingers clear of the cut!

What Are the Advantages of a Good Meat Slicer?

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich every now and then? A grilled panini, a hot ham and cheese, or just a classic reuben are all staples of the typical deli. When you’ve got a good meat slicer in your kitchen, you get to bring the deli experience home with you every day. Kramer certainly knew that! Freshly cut meat slices from your appliance will create fresh sandwiches for school or work. Because deli meat is cheaper when it comes unsliced, it’s also a great way to save money if you eat a lot of sandwiches!

A good meat slicer will also help you create less overall food waste in your home because you’ll be able to recycle leftovers into more dishes. Leftover chicken thighs can be sliced and made into a beautiful chicken Alfredo pasta. A leftover chunk of a London broil can be made into a stunning spicy beef stir fry thanks to your meat slicer. Less waste means less cost as well, plus you’re being environmentally conscious!

The final advantage is that you can do your own butchering at home to save on your typical cuts of meat. Create your own pork chops, cut your own steaks from roasts, or cut strips of fresh meat so that you can dry them in a food dehydrator. You can even use them to shave potatoes, fresh vegetables, and even reclaim your kitchen if arthritis or joint inflammation has stolen your ability to chop with ease.

How To Find the Best Meat Slicer

The key to the quality of a meat slicer is located in the blade. Most slicers have a 7 inch blade that is used in home models, but you may find some as large as 11 inches. The reason why this needs to be considered is that this size is the limit of the food you can slice. If your food is 8 inches in height and you’ve got a 7 inch blade, then part of your product won’t come into contact with the slicing mechanism.

The types of gears that your meat slicer has is also a very important consideration. This can be an extremely heavy appliance, so some manufacturers have moved from metal components to plastic or even nylon gears. For the average home cook, carefully using a cheaper nylon or plastic equipped meat slicer will be fine, but for heavy use, always go with all-metal components.

Having a meat slicer also means having food grade oil on hand to maintain the appliance. You’ll need to oil the components regularly to avoid having them break down on you. This creates extra time during the cleaning process, but you’ll be able to use your meat slicer for years to come thanks to these efforts.

What You Need To Know About a Meat Slicer Right Now

The primary question that most people have about a meat slicer is this: does it slice more than just meat? It absolutely does! Anything that is a fairly firm food item can be accurately sliced through this kitchen appliance. That means you can slice vegetables, some fruits, and even bread quickly and easily with this device. Even firm types of cheese can be quickly sliced! You’ll want to avoid soft, watery items, however, because these can jam up into the blade and cause some issues.

So why invest into a meat slicer for the home? The obvious reason is for deli-style sandwiches at a fraction of the cost. If you spend $6 on a sandwich at a deli three times per week, you’ll save $12 per week by owning a meat slicer. In this scenario, that means it would pay for itself without you changing your habits in less than 3 months in most instances! It also means that you can enjoy deli sandwiches every day instead of 3 days per week if you wish and still save money over the course of the year.

It’s the other uses of a meat slicer that make this a handy device. It’s particularly useful for folks who love to cook in their kitchen, but struggle with the actual chopping and cutting that a lot of prep work requires. If you’ve got arthritis in your dominant hand, for example, trying to cut through a firm vegetable, a hard cheese, or any kind of meat can be excruciating. A mandoline is no help because you can’t keep a firm enough grip. The meat slicer, however, allows you to press the food down and through the slicing mechanism virtually pain-free.

Cleaning and maintenance of most meat slicers can get to be a bit boring over time, but quality care will produce longevity in even the cheapest meat slicers on websites like Amazon today. Make sure you’ve got food grade oil on hand to lubricate the gears and the blade regularly. Don’t try to use other oils because you’ll taste that oil in your food for weeks to come! Look for appliances that are specifically designed to be easy to clean, especially if you have certain challenges with your hands.

It is important to clean a meat slicer between every use. Think of it as an extension of your cutting board. If you chop raw onions and you don’t clean the working surface, then everything ends up tasting like onions when you’re done! If you cut raw meat, then you could cross-contaminate other foods without cleaning it properly.

Are there certain recipes that require a meat slicer to be on hand? Not necessarily, but you can create better consistency with certain dishes if you happen to own this appliance. Take a beautiful chicken cordon bleu, for example. You need a consistent thickness to your chicken and your ham in order for multiple proteins to bake evenly together. You could try to do this by hand, but inevitably you’ll get slight variations to the size and that means differences in cooking times. With a meat slicer, you get the same thickness every time because the setting size locks into place.

The other component of owning a meat slicer that worries some folks is its safety. In some cases, your fingers would be just inches from a high speed spinning blade that is designed to cut through virtually anything! That’s not a place to get a finger stuck. For that reason, an effective method of using this appliance is to simply press a flattened palm against the food product being cut with fingers outstretched parallel to the appliance instead of grasping the food. This will keep your fingers safe and you’ll be able to create razor-thin slices of your favorite foods in return!

Even with regular sharpening, you’ll need to eventually replace the blade in a meat slicer over time. A final consideration would be to take a look at how easy it is to find a replacement before finalizing a purchase of this appliance or to secure replacement blades now as you shop so that you’ll be able to continue using your meat slicer on a consistent basis.

What Are the Prices For Meat Slicers?

A basic food slicer that won’t give you a lot of bells and whistles is going to cost you less than $60 on Amazon today. You’ll still get a premium device at this basic level that will let you precisely cut everything from bread to salami with ease on a 130 watt machine. Professional-style models tend to enter the market around $100, while top home use models tend to stay below $200 in most instances.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

EdgeCraft 609 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

We really love the fact that this electric kitchen appliance is a gear driven food slicer. This gives each user a powerful, smooth, and reliable slice through a wide variety of different foods. A serving tray is included with this food slicer to add to its ease of use so you can quickly package up the sliced items.

Although it’s a little bigger than most home food slicers, it has a good set of safety features that will let you be able to easily slice with the included serrated blade.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the EdgeCraft 609 Chef’s Choice Slicer.

Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

It’s a multipurpose slicing device that will let you cut items to that premium deli-thin level up to .75 inches without hesitation. With a 7 inch blade, most items can be cut in not time at all!

There’s a special button that you press that will help you to secure the blade on this kitchen appliance when you’re not using it. That makes it possible for households with small children to still be able to enjoy this device without having to worry about it accidentally turning on when someone gets a little too curious.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Slicer.

Continental Professional Series Deli Slicer

With a 7.5 inch blade and made of heavy cast iron, this food slicer gives you a professional quality slice for a ridiculously great price!

You’ll have some care options that will require food grade mineral oil to prevent corrosion with this machine, but there is 150 watts of power behind this serrated blade that will let you slice your own deli items with ease. Cleaning this food slicer is nice and easy, but the one down side is that it won’t break down any for storage.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Continental Professional Series Deli Slicer.

Chef’s Choice International Professional Electric Food Slicer

The primary feature that we really enjoyed with this unit was the expanded size of the food carriage. Instead of having to remove the carriage in order to slice larger blocks of food, the Chef’s Choice 667 allows you to place that food on the carriage and then slice it in a safe manner.

This allows for those big pot roasts to get sliced, the leftover ham, or the Thanksgiving turkey when you need to make sandwiches out of the leftovers.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Chef’s Choice International Professional Slicer.

Weston Heavy Duty Food Slicer

There are a lot of good things going on with this food slicer. It’s got a high quality blade made from steel that can easily be removed for cleaning. The 9 inch blade makes slicing almost anything an easy chore.

It’s compact enough to store in a cabinet and the adjustable thickness control is really easy to use. It’s not too heavy to be bulky, but isn’t a lightweight in the kitchen either so you can cut a full brisket with ease if the urge strikes you.

Click here to view prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Weston Heavy Duty Food Slicer.

If you’ve got this kitchen appliance as a tool, then you’ve got one of the most effective and money saving items you can have in the modern kitchen. Take a look at our full reviews to get even more information about your preferred makes and models to select the best meat slicer for your home!